Jewelry trends for the summer of 2016

From delicate chains to unapologetic diamonds – jewelry trends for the summer of 2016

The summer of 2016 will feature the freshest, boldest and most luxurious types of jewelry pieces. Women will be wearing bold necklaces with precious gems and layered Aztec-inspired bracelets, whereas men will stick to the classic leather bracelets and signet rings. Yellow and pink gold, brass, black steel and textiles are materials that will dominate the jewelry industry this season. The style is vintage-glamour and sublime luxury, so you should definitely restock your accessories cabinet. Here’s a sneak peek into the coolest trends.

Visual necklaces

This summer’s necklaces are either super thin and delicate or bold and striking. Make your pick and redefine your style. Black metal pieces, asymmetric necklaces with colorful gems, and layered chains are a must-have. Make a statement and choose striking materials. Yellow gold in particular, will make even the simplest dress look exquisite.

Headbands and New Age tiaras

Headbands are making a comeback this summer. They’re glamorous, bright and they come in a wealth of styles and models. Pair a glitzy headband with a loose, beach-inspired hairdo and give your look a fresh vibe. As for the New Age tiaras, these were inspired from urban warrior styled models and video game heroines. They’re usually made of metal – precious or not – and they easily be paired with urban-like outfits or an extravagant gown. Diamond tiaras are the latest fashion for the summer. They go really well with long, flowy dresses and discreet make-up.

Over-sized earrings

In terms of earrings, this summer season we’ll see a lot of bold pieces. Whether long and glamorous or short and bulky, women should pick their earrings wisely. Before making any choices, assess the shape of your face. Women with long oval faces must steer clear of lengthy earrings because these will add even more extent to your face. As far as the model is concerned, the options are endless. Pink gold earrings with interesting designs and colorful gems will instantly brighten your face and make it appear modern and chic.

Industrial revolution

Buckles, chain links, chokers and hardware will add a chic, post-modern vibe to your outfit. Brass in particular, will be in high demand this summer. It features a rather interesting nuance, thus making the pieces fit perfectly with black leather clothes and additional accessories to compliment the urban-like look.

Asymmetric jewelry

Mismatched earrings and modern cluster styles will conquer the streets in 2016. The asymmetric trend is cool, original and outlandish but in a good way. It’s an opportunity for you to make yourself noticed. Be creative when accessorizing your outfit and don’t hesitate to think outside the box. Add a touch of innovation to your choice of jewelry this season, choose piece that reflect your personal sense of style.


Pearls are bringing back the retro style. They’re bold and oversized and they come with necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Wear black pearls to highlight a classic outfit, or white to compliment a monochromatic look; layered pearl necklaces are also in trend. They add fluidity to a black dress and they have the power to accentuate a rather simple combination of clothes.

Statement rings

As far as rings as concerned, this summer we’ll see a lot of bold variants. Signet rings in particular, are making a comeback; and they’re not just aimed at men anymore. There are chic, stylish and delicate signets for women too. Made of all sorts of materials, including silver and gold, signet rings will make an impression because they’re well-crafted, unique and extravagant. The average signet doesn’t have a stone but a crest that can either be engraved or etched with a particular message preferred by the wearer.

Bottom line is 2016 will be bold and beautiful as far as jewelry is concerned. Some of the trends are new and ingenious, while others are a continuation of 2015 tendencies. Regardless, it’s definitely the best time to make a change. Whether you’re a fan of delicate chains and discreet bracelets, or you’d rather wear bold necklaces with diamonds and bold signet rings, there’s no doubt that we’ll see a lot this season. Check them out and polish your style for the summer to make it more original and more appealing than ever.

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