Alpina, the inventor of the modern sports watch with the “Alpina 4” in 1938

Alpina, the inventor of the modern sports watch with the “Alpina 4” in 1938, brings back the “4” concept with its new “Alpiner 4” collection.
More than any other watchmaker, Alpina was responsible for the concept of the modern Swiss sports watch, as it is known today. After several patents to insure water-resistance - and as development of the famous Alpina “Block Uhr” in 1933 – in 1938 Alpina presents the “Alpina 4”: the first modern Swiss sports watch. The concept behind the “Alpina 4” was to reunite the 4 essential features for a sports watch to be called a sports watch, in one single case: 1) Antimagnetic, 2) Antishock, 3) Water-resistant and 4) Stainless steel. Such had to be a sports watch, in the vision of the Alpina founder Gottlieb Hauser, to be able to tackle the entire vertical Alpine sports environment, from mountain climbing to alpine lake diving. In 2014, Alpina revives the Alpina “4” concept with its new “Alpiner 4” collection dedicated to the Alpine sports universe.
The all-new Alpiner 4 collection features a “Bi-Compax” Chronograph, encasing the well-known Alpina AL-860 Automatic Chronograph movement, and an automatic GMT model, encasing the new Alpina AL-550 GMT movement, featuring an in-house GMT/24H module.

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