Engagement Rings and Celebrities

Celebrities can’t help themselves when it comes to flaunting their fulsome way of life, their lavish transportation, their unrivalled resorts houses and these days even their love. It looks like they want a raison d'être to pay more and make a grandstand of everything they have. The way they seal the deal with their loved one by bequeathing enormous engagement rings with price tags like giant, simply makes us wonder who plans to fritter more than others. 
Here are 7 Celeb Couples who tied the knot with their dear with an extortionate engagement ring.
From Prince Williams to Kate Middleton - Claimed to be one of the most expensive engagement ring and the most popular engagement ring. This love band was originally made for late Princess Dianna, Prince William’s mother. This Ring consists of a Garrard 18-carat Blue Sapphire and 12 white Diamonds around it and is an historical asset of nearly $140,000.
From Marc Anthony to Jennifer Lopez – J-Lo has always been extravagant in her lifestyle and singing standards and likewise Marc Anthony never failed to keep her standards intact by gifting her a 8.5 carat Blue Diamond centerpiece Ring that cost close to $4 million.
From Jay-Z to Beyonce – The loaded couple led to a start of endowing expensive engagement rings movement. A celebrity like Beyonce truly deserves a $5 million 18 carat Octagon cut Diamond piece and a celebrity like Jay-Z is really expected to put the same ring in her finger.
From Kaye West to Kim Kardashian – The reality star wouldn’t be surprised when rapper Kanye got her a Lorraine Schwartz costing $8 million. The ring is said to be even bigger than the size of her Engagement finger.
From David Beckham to Victoria Beckham – The Soccer veteran kick started his love towards the gaudy Victoria Beckham by giving her an enormous diamond crust engagement ring pried just a little bit above $5 million.
From Keith Urban to Nicole Kidman - The Cartier Diamond studded piece is extravagant eternal ring and a mark of affection towards Nicole Kidman by her loving husband.  
From Romain Dauriac to Scarlett Johansson – A pleasant art engagement ring in a truly divine fashion is what Scarlett Johansson received on her rendezvous. It is a set of three circular diamonds set up in a journey trend to form a rectangular shape. As divine as her beauty.
No matter how lavish these Celebrities get, they’ll always find a way to keep up with the rest and to spend more than others. It might be a pity thing for them but for their love it is just another way of showing their fondness. Moreover, there is more to these engagement rings that meets the eye and interestingly to the person wearing them. Of-course this is why everyone follows them, loves them and is attracted to their legacy. This is why they are celebrities.

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