Enak Gavaggio as a new member of its Alpinist Family

ALPINA is happy to welcome Enak Gavaggio

ALPINA is happy to welcome Enak Gavaggio

ALPINA is happy to welcome Enak Gavaggio as a new member of its Alpinist Family

French alpine skier, skier-cross, snowboarder, free rider, base jumper and surfer, Enak Gavaggio simply loves anything which enables him to slide.

Born on May 4th, 1976, Enak is known and appreciated both by his peers – for his carrier results and strong personality – and by the younger generation for his Rancho Web Show series.

Nowadays a famous and influent face in the French Mountain Industry, he is the only one who is so admired by any kind of winter sports athlete.

Enak started to ski at 8 years old and his career’s hit list could make most people blush: 7 skier-cross medals at the X-Games, 5x skier-cross WORLD CUP WINNER, 5 medals at the World Championship, and a 4th and 5th place at the Freeride World Tour Championship. His professional career as an athlete will end in 2010 at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Since 2014, Enak has played the well-known role of “Rancho”, a staggered vintage character in a skiing universe themed web show.

ALPINA is happy to welcome Enak Gavaggio

Alpina’s Brand Manager Oliver van Lanschot Hubrecht says: “We are very happy and proud to welcome Enak to our Alpinist Family! On top of being an exceptional skier, Enak uses his notoriety to give visibility to all the different disciplines that are practiced in the mountains, and all of this without ever forgetting to inspire the younger generation. We are also thrilled to have an acrobatic sportsman like Enak to use and give us feedback on our new AlpinerX Smart Outdoors connected watch!”

Enak says: “I’m really proud to represent the Alpina Watches brand, and for a number of reasons: I’ve always been attracted by their products, I’ve always liked their communication, and I’m very sensitive to the fact that I’m working in a structure with family values. And above all, I highly appreciate the proximity and the exchange that we can have in this type of structure. In addition, we started with their Marketing Team to imagine projects more than 7 years ago…. what a joy for me to finally see this collaboration come to life! Thank you very much Alpina Watches for your trust.”

Enak and Alpina are united by their love for Alpine sports and the Alpine universe and identify with the same “Alpinist” values which both believe are the foundations for any sports, as well as professional and personal success.

Source: Alpina Watches

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