Automatic Watch Winder Box

Automatic Watch Winder Box

Automatic Watch Winder Box

SwissKubik watch winder on time for the festive season

Simple, beautiful and so silent, a concentrate of Swissness

In North America, the design of this winder cube has already become iconic. Aimed at keeping automatic watches in motion, this 100% Swiss-made is the epitome of ingenious technicity. It is appreciated as much in one’s interior as in a store.

Introduced in the American, Canadian and Caribbean markets by the enthusiast Alexis Sarkissian, Founder of Totally Worth It, SwissKubik is the favorite design icon among collectors, watchmakers and high-end watch brands.

Swissness: rotating silently

For the past 15 years, this ultra-quality cube-winder with its fierce angles and perfect symmetry has been the official supplier of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands, who have had a chance to test and retest it before adopting the brand as their sole supplier of watch winders: Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Jaeger LeCoultre, Tag Heuer…

Swiss in SwissKubik

Everything is Swiss in SwissKubik, right down to its specific, non-magnetic motor and its unique electronic integrated circuit mastermind capable of driving its customizable functions. The workshop- manufacturing facility in Givisiez, in the central Swiss state of Fribourg, where it is built, is also the heart of R&D.

SwissKubik is so silent that one sometimes forgets its presence. Collectors and watchmakers therefore love to display it in their living space, either as a solo or multi- winder version. Its optional removable window pane enhances the kinetic spectacle of a watch – or several watches – that has no desire to pause and which, according to programmable cycles, swings with regularity.

A Bluetooth application: permanent updating

When paired with its smartphone App, the SwissKubik Masterbox can be managed. Its Bluetooth technology switches on & off and, when it is not connected to AC/DC power, its 2x C-Cell batteries are optimized for 3 years.

Additionally, it can therefore be named, which is very useful for those who have several. One can adjust, for each specific watch, the rotation direction, the frequency, the periodicity, and thus program a real kinetic show. All models, even the early ones, can benefit from technological upgrades, such as the mere replacement of the motherboard or the implementation of the latest Bluetooth technology. Its original design provides that each component is easily exchangeable, which encourages connoisseurs to add more and more new cubes to their enjoyment.


A cult item, solo or in combination

Originally designed to fit in a safe, SwissKubik owes its take-off to a first substantial order from the most famous Swiss crown-studded watch brand. Sturdy, it is made of lightweight, protective and resistant materials that respect the environment. It is suitable for the building of a mini wall entirely dedicated to the winding of watches, the multi-winder. Tenfold magic of a watchmaking ballet in motion!

The US SwissKubik, in brief

·      Large range of models going from a rainbow of 12 aluminum colors, 8 different shades of leather, 3 wood versions, carbon fiber, solar- powered and even a stone model!

·      Endless customization: Size arrangements, logos, initials, window pane, back plate, personal messages can be added all in- house by SwissKubik without relying on outside artisans

·      The US Office offers unique services such as same-day free domestic shipping, tasteful gift wrapping and drop-shopping for gifts

·      The post-sale service is all done in the US with a guaranteed turnaround time of 48hrs

·      More and more customers rely on us to fabricate custom fitted safes, cabinets or fit their existing drawers with custom winders to house their entire collection

US pricing

Startbox: $470

Masterbox: from $795 Travelbox: $1,090

3-year international warranty

A cult item, solo or in combination

SOURCE: The Right Place

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