Engagement Ring Cuts Every Fiancé Should Know

Engagement Ring Cuts Every Fiancé Should Know

Engagement Ring Cuts Every Fiancé Should Know

You’d think that the real beauty of a diamond is in its purity, and that’s mostly true, but there is one other thing that deserves a lion’s share of the credit. It is the cut. From a very technical standpoint, the cut is what determines the amount of light a stone reflects. But at the buyer’s end, it is not just the shape, but also the sparkle of the stone. It is the cut that gives a ring its character, through the shape and shine. Hence, it’s safe to say that it is the very focal point of an engagement ring.

So whether you are a classicist or a modernist, the cut should always be high up on your list when buying an engagement ring, along with clarity, color and other things. So, we have rounded up all traditional, brilliant and daring trendsetting cuts that are big at the moment in the engagement ring section and a break-down for you to understand the basics.

All you fiancés out there hunting for the perfect ring for the lady in your life, pay attention. Here are the cuts and things you want to know about them.

Round Brilliant

It’d be surprising if you didn’t know about this cut because the round brilliant is like the very face of diamonds
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By far the most popular cut, it is also arguably the most beautiful. With 58 facets, this one sparkles like stars in a night sky. Just one glance at it is enough to appreciate the undeniable brilliance of this iconic cut.

So if you are going for a round cut, you need to learn what it says about the wearer. The round cut is a classic style and is a thing of traditional-minded women. It stands the test of time like no other cut. Your middle name is elegance if you are wearing this cut. It says that you own an expertly edited wardrobe that has an eclectic collection of investment pieces but also modern staples.


Moving on to the next cut, emerald is currently the most popular fancy cut there is. It boasts a large table which is glassy with flowing steps on the side. With key features of high clarity and elongated effect, this one is ultra-flattering.

This cut is about what you’d say understated luxury. If you are wearing it, you are modern, elegant and glamorous, but in moderation. You pay attention to details and have a weakness for exquisite pieces.


With figures like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus sporting this cut in their engagement rings, the cushion cut has emerged as a hot pick. Softened corners, extra sparkle, large facets, this cut looks its best in larger diamonds. It has a vintage charm of its own which makes it a perfect cut to go on sleek settings.

It makes a wearer feel instantly updated, but it also tells that you are a romantic at heart who gets pulled towards old-word elegance. The modern twist indicates that you are also stylish enough to pick this dramatic cut and not an antiquated ivory.



This centenarian cut earned its deserved fame not until the start of this decade. With its signature cropped corners, this squarish cut has been endorsed by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor in the last century.

If this is your pick, then you are someone with an appreciation for the story behind all things classic. You are all set to steal the show on your wedding day because this ring will make you look phenomenally stylish.


If you are going with the oval cut, you surely have an eye for symmetry. A very even cut, its elongated shape makes it look bigger and the wearer’s finger longer. The faceting style of the oval cut is brilliant and that gives it an extra bit of sparkle. Worn by the likes of Blake Lively and Kate Middleton, it was once the most popular fancy cut out there.

If your fiancé likes this, then she is a romantic person with a bit of an adventurer’s spunk in her. She is anything but conventional and can thereby pull together any look, dreamy or practical.


The pear is a mixed cut in which the Marquise and oval meld creating a beautiful teardrop shape which is at once flattering and chic.

A pear cut is a great pick for a fiancé who is down to taking risks, but without paying with her traditional senses. She is nostalgic and has a thing for the old-world charm.


The second most popular brilliant cut, the princess is a traditional cut with great symmetry, uniformity and style. Its greatest highlight is its blinding sparkle ensured by its brilliant cut facets. Kate Bosworth boasted a spectacular princess cut ring that gave inspiration to many women around the world.

If the princess is your cut, then you are a traditionalist with a wild side to you. A bit bohemian, a little traditional, you are a balanced character.


The trillion is a triangular cut which is equal on all three sides. A perfect cut for solitaires, the trillion was born in the Netherlands and travelled all around the world for its great looks. Although not as brilliant as a brilliant cut, this one has facets anywhere between 31 and 50. Cameron Diaz wore it making it one of the most interesting looking cuts of recent times.

If you are into the trillion cut, then you are certainly very modern and in all probability, a minimalist. You like neutral colors and straight lines.


A cut that the world went crazy over, this antiquated cut has a flat bottom and a dome top with just one apex at the center. Looking like a rose bud, it has 24 large facets that sparkle moderately.

If you are into rose cuts, you are a slightly feminine, old soul. You love all things in natural and are a warm person.

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