Gold Nugget Jewelry - A History of Hard-Earned Beauty

Gold Nugget Jewelry – A History of Hard-Earned Beauty

Gold Nugget Jewelry – A History of Hard-Earned Beauty

Gold and Jewelry are not just two terms that embody utter art; they are an excerpt of life-changing stories of many people. If you ask a heritage goldsmith, who has spent all his life as a jeweler, he’d say nugget gold and jewelry has been an acute ingredient of his doom. But how something that is as a matter of course used to craft glisten over people is the turning dot of other’s life? 
The Gold rush in California, Alaska gave a spark to the highest urbanization and made people fled to these cities. Many of them in search of ‘the American Dream ‘  didn’t leave the chance and  started working as Gold miners with a hope to find gold in dirt. This quest launched the concept of nugget gold and jeweler which is nothing but completely lopsided piece of gold in shape. Many of the found these pieces of nuggets initially by just digging a few layers of sand and many others found them in river beds and water bodies; But the fraction of people who found gold was only about 1/100th of those who fled the consign.
The artistry bestowed on them by the nature has given a new dimension to the modern heritage ornaments. Nugget Gold is used in the raw form by the contemporary jewelers to give that historical feel to your necklace. Nugget jeweler has one more quality that it does not need any acid wash for clean because the more it gets dark the more its irregularities show up. Nugget gold and jewelry are the purest form of jewelry out there. Only these pieces of gold are 24kt, all other designs need to be mixed with copper and are 22Kt or 20Kt designs.
Natural existence of Nugget gold is really infrequent. Of the total gold deposits only 4% deposits have nugget gold in them. These uneven yet alluring pieces have a price equivalent to Diamond. So the bigger they are, more they exert pressure on your wallet.
Many people become a prey of those who feed on customary money like parasites and give something equivalent to nothing. Yes Fake Gold Nugget and jewelry are prominent amongst the fake deals on many sites. So make sure you approach the person yourself if you are into one. You can also check them through simple gravity test, to make sure you have bought the right thing. Just take some water and put the nugget into the beaker filled with water and you’ll know the result yourself.  From the technical point of view Gold has a gravity of 19.3 gms. So if your nugget has been just polished with gold it won’t go as deep as the real gold would. So there you go.
Whether it is fake or it is real, but one thing is for sure you cannot ignore the nugget gold and jewelry . It’ll surely give an upraise to you temperament 

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