Men are Starting to Care More About Their Wedding Bands

Men have always cared about their wedding bands in regards to the symbolism it represents. But men have only recently begun to care about what these rings look like. There was once a time where they would be quite satisfied with slapping a yellow gold band on there and calling it a day. Maybe that is because they didn't have the option for platinum wedding bands  or maybe it is because the men of today are a bit more sophisticated about what they are going to have to tote around on their finger for the rest of their lives. But today's man doesn't stop at platinum wedding bands. Their sophisticated taste yearns for designer jewelry. Many are electing to select designer rings that are adorned with precious stones like diamonds.
Don't worry; these rings don't look as feminine as diamond engagement rings or ladies' wedding rings. These manlier versions of diamond rings have a burnished-set look. This means that the diamonds are flush along the side of the ring; as opposed to the raised stone look we traditionally associate with diamond engagement rings and wedding rings. The final bit of personality men have been adding to their rings is engraved patterns. Men have really taken to customizing their rings to fit their style and personality, and who can blame them.
Similar to women's wedding rings, there are a wide range of metal options available for men's wedding bands. Each metal has its unique qualities and color tones. The common metals for men's wedding bands are Platinum, Gold, Sterling Silver, Tungsten and Titanium. The most popular metals for men's wedding bands are white gold (18k and 14k), and platinum. However new material, such as Tungsten, has become one of the popular metal options for men's wedding bands these days due to its high scratch resistance, high Vickers hardness and a relatively inexpensive price range.
Wearing a ring daily can feel strange to many men but the size of ring which is chosen can make this easy to get used to. Narrow band rings, say of 4mm, can be easier to get used to but on many men's fingers these can look small. The most popular width for a mens wedding band is approximated 6mm. If you are a big guy, a broader band is likely to suit better. Or if you are used to wearing jewelry, a wider band such as 8mm or 9mm may be perfect for you. Also comfort fit ring helps you quickly get used to wearing a ring. It is possible to choose a ring with a curved interior face so that the ring is altogether more comfortable. Ultimately it's a personal decision of choosing your wedding ring. My Love Wedding Ring has put together a ring width chart to help you find the perfect ring.

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