Men wearing rings

Men wearing rings

Men wearing rings – boundaries between masculine and feminine are falling away

Genderless fashion is going mainstream.

Women wear men’s clothes and men wear jewelry.

The fine line between masculine and feminine is fading away, although when it comes to fashion everyone is free to make their own choices. For example, women can look hot in suits whereas men can exude a lot of sex-appeal when wearing accessories like rings and necklaces. Not everything works and the items chosen must be matched with proper clothing to make the wearer stand out. 
Jewelry for men 
Fashion shows are now more extravagant than ever. Women wear sheer clothes and tiny bikinis for the sake of art, whereas men wear statement jewelry without feeling less masculine.
In fact, there are accessories men can include in their wardrobe that can give them a boost in confidence. Some of the most common are cufflinks, wristwatches, and tie clips. What about bracelets, rings and necklaces? 
Famous actors and models around the world have been wearing jewelry for ages. Johnny Deep for example, is well-known for his impressive collection of bracelets and pendants. Brad Pitt is proud of his jewelry collection, as well as Ryan Gosling and Robert Downey Jr. Believe it or not, men’s jewelry can actually bring out an original sense of style, without compromising on your manliness.
Providing that they’re not adorned with colorful stones and feminine beads, it’s safe to say that men’s jewelry can be incredibly stylish. 
Rings & bracelets – an emerging trend among men of all ages 
Bracelets made of gold, titanium, silver or leather are in high demand this season, and increasingly more fashionable men choose to wear them with wristwatches and signet rings.
However, it is important to stick with the simplest designs and not go overboard to preserve your manly sense of fashion. Wear a thick leather bracelet with a cool wristwatch made with a silver strapping and exude the most original and innovative outfit. 
Why do men love signet rings so much? For starters, it’s because signet rings convey a special sense of power. They once had a determining role in society, where only men were allowed to wear them; signet rings symbolized status in society, and some point they were used to seal important documents. Right now men wear signets because they’re bold, imposing and truly fashionable. 
men wear statement jewelry
Men wearing rings
Types of signets adored by men
Men wear signet rings from various reasons. Some wear them to exude a personal fashion sense; others wear wedding rings under the shape and form of a signet. Fraternities like the freemasons for example as well as other organizations, offer signets to members. Even though they’re no longer a symbol of status in society or power, the signet ring has preserved some of its past glory. It still conveys authenticity and status, but no longer at a primal degree.
In terms of design, signet rings come in a wealth of forms, styles and designs. Men can easily stick with the ones that best complement their choice of clothes and personality. Signets with crests might be considered the coolest; they’re usually adorned with a message, or a ferocious animal like a tiger or lion. In terms of material, gold and silver are the most common. These are non-corrosive and can be worn with both elegant and casual clothes. 
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Genderless fashion – a trend that keep expanding 
When it comes to high-fashion there aren’t really any boundaries. But then again, there’s a fine line men and women mustn’t cross. As far as rings are concerned, it is important to go with models that can increase and improve your fashion sense. Signets in particular, can have the greatest impact; they can have a positive impact provided that they’re chosen right. 
Thick bands are the most suitable since they look both stylish and masculine. Choose the one that with the coolest engraving; or better yet, have yours personalized to make it look unique and innovative. Make an impression with your jewelry and don’t be shy.
Let your rings speak for you and your style and you’ll definitely feel like the most confident. Signets are cool, stylish and sophisticated. The best ones feature interesting etches designs and patterns. It will make you stand above the crowd everywhere you go. 

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