Three main accessories for men for decorating their appendages

Three main accessories for men for decorating their appendages

Three main accessories for men for decorating their appendages

Jewellery isn’t just for women – there are some great statement pieces that all men should include in their wardrobe. If you’re new to accessorizing, these are our top three suggestions:

Cufflinks (and optional tie pin!)

Cufflinks are a great place to start since they’re not that far out of most men’s comfort zone. If you wear shirts, it’s not a huge step up to wearing cufflinks. Why not start thinking of them as something customizable, rather than just practical?

There’s a huge range of styles out there – from Batman logos to hand-engraved customizable designs. We’re a fan of those that incorporate semi-precious stones – abalone being a particularly interesting choice. Once you’ve got the hang of cufflinks, you can expand up to a tie-pin. This can be a bit more flashy, but it’s great practice for coordinating your look.

Whether you buy it as part of a matching set or pick up something different but similar, there are a bunch of ways you can accessorize. The best part of cufflinks and tie-pins is that they’ve been a popular part of men’s fashion for a long time, so there are a lot of options out there. If you really want to stand out, spend some time looking through vintage and antique fairs – there’s a lot out there that you can make your own.


The Signet Ring

A staple of any gentleman’s wardrobe, the signet ring is a must-have accessory for any stylish man. They can work with a number of different looks, so whether it’s a Victorian rake, modern-day business man or dapper gentleman, a signet ring can work for you. They’re a great conversation piece too, since they often represent something meaningful – whether that’s religious, family-based, or even your educational background.

Since they’re such a staple, we recommend investing in one made of good quality material from reputable jewelers. Whilst traditionally cast in gold, they work just as well in a number of other metals – so choose one that suits your skin tone and style. It’s also possible to get them custom engraved, meaning you can design something that’s perfect for you. In fact – why not get a couple in different sizes and styles? That way you’ll have something for every outfit.

must-have accessory for any stylish man.
Three main accessories for men for decorating their appendages

A Simple Pendant

Necklaces can be somewhat more out there for a lot of men – they’re often thought of as the domain of women’s jewelry. But why limit yourself? There are a lot of stylish, simple pendants that can work for you. Two of the most common styles are the crucifix and a set of dog tags, but you don’t have to stop there. Find a good chain and something meaningful, and go from there. Dog tags can be great for the same reason signet rings are – they’re customizable, and can therefore be a great conversation starter.

A crucifix may be somewhat more common, but there’s a lot of variety in styles – do you want baroque, Celtic, plain, or perhaps something else? Equally, consider whether you just want it in plain metal or with added stones – and if so, which stones? If you can afford to, working with a custom jeweler on a unique piece can be a great idea, and with websites like Etsy, it’s much easier than it once used to be! Of course, you could just get a predesigned piece – this is easier, and if you don’t have something particular in mind, browsing through existing styles can be a good way to develop your own sense of what suits and what doesn’t.

Three main accessories for men for decorating their appendages
Three main accessories for men for decorating their appendages

In the end, don’t be afraid of accessories – they’re certainly not just for women. With a little bit of practice, you’ll soon find yourself developing an eye for what suits what outfit, and when certain pieces should be worn. You might even step your accessory game up a notch and invest in a bracelet or earring set – and why not? Make it work for you, and you’ll soon develop a timeless look that’s all yours.


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