Trends of Engagement Rings These Days

The old stereotype of congruent engagement rings died long ago, it’s the epoch of extant rings, entirely assorted in both physical and chemical makeup and amusingly they are being innovated very well. New Trends of Rings always soak old rings and other jewelry as well, for the reason that the engagement ring is something gets the other jewelry gyrate around itself. 2014 is the sea of designs, creativity and unrealistic engraving. Whether you wish to wear Solitude or you demand a Eternity Band; you seriously need to check out these enthralls.
We often divide Ring in 3 parts - The Gem, The Metal and The Inside for the sake of unfussiness. Our showcase of new trend in rings or 2014 ring ideas will be based upon these three parts.
The Gem – It is either the cut of stone, the way it is placed on the Ring or its color coordination with the metal that make you fall in love with the ring at first sight. The new trends in rings are a summation of these characters so that you never feel like compromising. A criss-cross solitaire band with a bigger diamond elevated above the ring and smaller single toned diamonds lined up besides the bigger diamond is one of the up-close and personal meetings of yours with modern drift. Usage of precious gemstone other than diamond is also a modern outlook that appeals to every women and the best thing about them is that they get you better and bright hues at the cost of an ordinary diamond. Pink Diamond on a broad top of the ring with an asscher cut or a brilliant round cut also gives an alluring appeal to your band. 
The Metal - If you want your ring to give that timeless impression to everyone who looks at it then beware not to choose bizarrely colored metals, just be inclined to antique metals like platinum, rose gold and yellow gold in some cases too. Make sure the color you chose is tones up perfectly with the gem. 2014s new trends in rings give a great importance to the metal color too.  
The Engraving – If you are opting for Eternity rings or like simplicity and just going on with the metal-only rings, then just go for the newfangled style of engraving the inner or outer perimeter of the ring. IT is the best way to recall some words that your love said to you on your first ever date or the first meeting or a simple note of ‘I do’ would also go well.
New trends in Rings always come and go, but it is best to get your ring constructed and up brought in a way that it becomes futureproof and fashionproof so that your ring stays with you always. For that happily ever after.  

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