Wear Your Style With Awesome Cocktail Rings!

Wear Your Style With Awesome Cocktail Rings!

Wear Your Style With Awesome Cocktail Rings!

A cocktail ring is a large, dramatic ring often worn at cocktail parties. During the Prohibition in the US women often wore these rings at illegal cocktail parties, where they flaunted the fact that the wearer was drinking illegally, and was doing it with style.
Nowadays cocktail rings can be worn to many different types of occasions or even as part of a casual outfit. There’s no one set style for a cocktail ring, but many have a large, centered imitation jewel. While the trend in earlier rings was to use precious stones, particularly diamonds, most cocktail rings today are made with faux stones.
The difficulty and expense of obtaining large precious stones often makes using real stones prohibitively expensive. Costume Jewelry stores stock reproductions of rings worn by fashionistas, and a good costume cocktail ring is perfectly acceptable for anything but the fanciest events.

Interested in buying a new cocktail ring?

You will be amazed and also confused by the huge variety available around you. To select the one that is just the best for you is to understand your need. You must go for a piece with clear or colored CZ stones in silver or gold tone if you wish to highlight your fingers.
However there are several other pretty designs with classic gemstones and other elements like plastic, beads and pearls that can be selected as per the dress you are going to carry them with. Specially aimed at the young and happening, the out-of-the ordinary cocktail rings are adored by those who want to become the center of everyone’s attention.
The patterns depicting animals, birds, wild flowers, human figures, lips, cupid, earphones, shoes, snake, trees and several other objects are now among the latest hits in the juvenile jewel trends. Actually, the youngsters want to mark their style with accessories that are out-of-the-ordinary and that is quite evident in all that they wear. Whether they buy necklace online India or any other accessory, they want it to be extremely gaudy and hot.
Next up comes the large stone rings; these types of cocktail rings have large-sized gemstones set as the centre stone with small-sized diamonds on the outer side. These are apt for ethnic wear.
Glamorize your party wear with these beautiful rings which are traditional and truly opulent. In the end it’s important to choose which ones suit you and remember that a cocktail ring draws attention to the wearer’s hand. So, don’t forget to polish the nails and make the hands look presentable before putting the ring on.

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