Wedding jewellery your mother-in-law can afford

Wedding jewellery your mother-in-law can afford

Wedding jewellery your mother-in-law can afford

Quite a few cultures around the world share the custom of jewellery gifting to the bride (Chinese, American, Serbian, etc.), and the role is often assumed by the groom’s mother. It’s a sign of respect and appreciation from the in-laws’ side.

Now, the specific cultures and tradition may differ, as well as the purchasing power of the family that’s bestowing the jewellery. For this reason it is desirable to select something both appealing to the bride and adequate for the mother-in-law’s pocket. This way it’s a happy end, or more accurately, the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Meaningful token

With this type of jewellery you’re showing that you have spent more than money. You’d demonstrate that you have invested a good deal of your time to listen and investigate what truly matters to the future wife of your son. For example, you can purchase a simple necklace and add a vintage etched locket or pendant symbolising your daughter-in-law’s favourite cause.

Charm bracelet

You can opt for this charmer if the future bride is not keen on jewellery, but she doesn’t mind wearing smaller, inconspicuous pieces. The beauty of choosing this bracelet is that you can tell a story with it. The lovebirds’ love timeline can be carefully captured for the future and your daughter-in-law will definitely appreciate it. Pandora or Pugster could be your go-to places if you select these.

Sparkling enchantment

It doesn’t always matter how many karats the jewels have as long as the pieces are strategically placed to give away a distinct but tasteful sheen. A good deal of modern brides don’t care much about the precious gems, and Swarovski crystal exquisite designer piece could brilliantly fit in their style. Seeking a clear quality and avoidance of murky or plastic items is recommended.


Wedding jewellery your mother-in-law can afford
Wedding jewellery your mother-in-law can afford

The next best thing

If you cannot buy a diamond ring or necklace for the bride, why not get a nice, classic stud earrings with the same stone. It’s an item she can wear on numerous occasions, opposed to some statement piece that demands a gala night. Learn how to tick all the important aspects of choosing a decent diamond such as clarity, colour, cut, brilliance or scintillation.

Masterful finish

When choosing a metal base for the bridal bestowal item, an overly shiny appearance would make it scream fake and cheap. The inexpensive options can be also characterised by a calm glisten which makes it look elegant and sophisticated. The frequent suitable metals in the offer include cobalt, stainless steel, tungsten or titanium.

Skin-friendly metals

We mustn’t forget to take potential allergies into consideration when picking a special item for the lovely bride. Now even low-budget manufacturers like Avon make skin-friendly collections and the varieties are numerous. Just make sure you conduct a proper inquiry about the content of the certain piece and stay away from nickel rich alloys. German and nickel silver are notorious for having high percentage of nickel fillers.

Weighty vs. light

Another handy tip in the process of acquiring the affordable but great piece of finery is to steer clear of objects with light and feeble quality. A bit more weight would give it gravity and the sense of genuineness. This, however, doesn’t really apply to earrings all the way as you wouldn’t want the bride’s lobule to get stressed or stretched out.

Power item

If your daughter-in-law loves power pieces, this one is for her. Many gorgeous and ingeniously composed necklaces you can obtain today are not made from overpriced components. Focus on the craftsmanship and not the presence of precious stones. Painstakingly manufactured filigree necklace or bracelet in the Victorian style can wow more than a generic bedazzled necklace .

All things considered, bear in mind that you’re buying something special and suitable for the bride in question. With a moderately priced but painstakingly selected piece, you daughter-in-law will feel honoured and privileged.

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