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What You Need To Know About Fashion and Fine Jewellery

What You Need To Know About Fashion and Fine Jewellery

There are a couple of differences between fashion and fine jewellery. One of them is the quality of the jewellery and the other is the price. The first thing that many people will notice with jewellery is the price and that is usually down to the materials that have been used. With fine jewellery, you will notice that real gemstones are used for this particular type. 

Throughout this article, we will discuss the differences between both fashion and fine jewellery as well as the different types that you can wear. You will soon be a jewellery expert once you have read this. 

Fashion Jewellery

This is the type of jewellery that you will see fast fashion brands produce and is also known as costume jewellery. Another thing to mention about costume jewellery is that it usually consists of materials that are much cheaper than those used for fine jewellery. This would often be worn with casual outfits to compliment it such as tracksuits, jeans and t-shirts or anything else that is casually worn. 

The common materials for costume jewellery will often be aluminium, brass and copper. The reason for this is not only because it is cheaper but it is also easily moulded. However, due to these materials being weaker, they can easily be tarnished and damaged. More often than not, if fashion jewellery is damaged, it cannot be repaired. 

There is another type of fashion jewellery that some jewellers would often refer to as semi-fine jewellery. It will usually consist of jewellery that is either gold-plated, gold vermeil or gold layered. Here is a brief description of those that are in the semi-fine category. 

Gold Plated 

Gold plated is a common semi-fine jewellery design. As you may have guessed, this is where a thin layer of gold is layered on top of cheaper materials such as copper, brass or aluminium. It will be placed into a chemical solution and then an electrical current is applied to bind the materials together. 

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil requires a much higher standard of craftsmanship, although it is similar to gold plated jewellery. The thickness of this particular metal will be no more or no less than 2.5 microns. Due to the exact measurement, it will usually increase the price of the piece. 

Gold-Filled Jewellery

Gold-filled jewellery is similar to gold plated although the quality is much poorer. For this type of semi-fine jewellery, gold will be layered over the top and bottom of the jewellery. Additionally, gold-plated would usually wear off a lot easier compared to gold-filled.

Fine Jewellery

These are the much higher-quality pieces of jewellery that you would wear for special occasions and formal events. For fine jewellery, it would usually be crafted out of gold, silver or platinum. Sometimes, the more valuable pieces would also have gemstones embedded into the jewellery. 

For fine jewellery, you will have to be prepared to pay more expensive prices. The reason for this is because of the quality as well as the brand that designed it. Fine jewellery is much higher quality compared to fashion jewellery. Another point about fine jewellery is that it can usually be repaired if it gets damaged, meaning it will outlive fashion jewellery pieces.

Platinum Jewellery

Platinum jewellery is the most durable precious metal out there that can be worn for fine jewellery. Platinum jewellery will be measured in percentage for its purity. As you may have guessed, the higher the percentage of the platinum jewellery piece, the purer its form of it. Before buying any platinum jewellery, make sure you ask about its purity.

To Conclude

If you are willing to spend a lot of money on jewellery then fine jewellery is the type that we would recommend. It is a much higher quality and more durable compared to costume jewellery. If you are looking for jewellery that is much more than fashion or semi-fine jewellery would be more appropriate for you. It all depends on your personal preference. 

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

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