The future lies between the sky and the sea

Hamilton supports the Syroco team

It’s a boat, it’s a plane… or maybe it’s both! With a shared passion for discovery and innovation, Hamilton supports the Syroco team as they work to set a new speed sailing record.

Hamilton is committed to supporting game-changing innovation in technology and stands along with engineers that invent our future of mobility.

Named after the ferocious sirocco winds of the Saharan desert, Syroco is designing a wind-powered vehicle with the ability to break the 80 knots speed barrier.

Suspended a few feet above the surface, the fish-shaped capsule will fly across the water at record speeds with an eye-catching design that’s the result of extensive aerodynamic and fluid physics research.

Piloted by Syroco Co-founder Alex Caizergues, the high-speed craft will serve as a starting point for further innovation. Already a two-time world sailing speed record holder and a multiple world kite speed champion, Alex plans to take his passion for speed and for the oceans to the next level by designing the carbon-free transportation the world needs.


From research to execution, we will collaborate with Syroco to develop their speed craft, designed to shatter the sailing speed record – a futuristic vehicle with elements of both naval and aviation architecture.

“I am proud that Syroco is partnering with Hamilton, a brand with a solid history and driven by passion,” says Alex Caizergues, Syroco founder and CEO. “Our teams will be working together to surpass the limits of possible and push the envelope of existing technologies.”

“We believe in working with those who challenge the status quo just as we do. Our partnership with Syroco exemplifies our commitment to support breakthrough innovation,” says Hamilton CEO Vivian Stauffer. “We’re proud to be a part of this journey, making the impossible possible and pushing boundaries to shape the mobility of tomorrow.”

Hamilton supports the Syroco team
Hamilton supports the Syroco team as they work to set a new speed sailing record.


Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1892, Hamilton creates watches with a unique balance of authenticity and innovation. Its timepieces synchronized the first railroads and kept time for aviation pioneers and U.S. soldiers. A favorite of filmmakers for decades, Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 500 movies, with custom pieces playing a pivotal role in several Hollywood blockbusters. With a continued commitment to craftsmanship and accuracy, Hamilton launched the world’s first electric watch in 1957 and the first LED digital watch in 1970. A member of the Swatch Group, the global leader in watch manufacturing and distribution, Hamilton’s current collections combine its American spirit with true Swiss precision.

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Syroco is a scientific and technical laboratory that generates innovation through pioneering achievements. The startup was born from the encounter of complementary backgrounds: a pro athlete and world champion, several serial entrepreneurs/startups, a naval architect, and a racing boat designer.
The solutions and applications developed by Syroco enable players in the transportation and energy sectors to meet the economic and environmental challenges they face.

Visit Syroco’s website at, follow @SyrocoLab on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and on LinkedIn:

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