13 Fun and exciting engagement party ideas

13 Fun and exciting engagement party ideas

  • Start your year with a bang and celebrate your engagement on New Year’s Eve! It actually is a romantic yet practical idea.

13 Fun and exciting engagement party ideas

Whether you want to stick to a traditional event or a superheroes themed occasion, there are many ways to plan your engagement party. As it is the prelude to the main event a.k.a. your wedding, planning it can be both stressful and overwhelming. To help you with that, here are 30 exciting ways to do it. What’s even more amazing about these ideas is that you can pick any or a combination of several options from the list to use not just for your engagement but for your wedding party as well. Read on.

Splash of color

1. Pastels

Nothing livens up a party like a pop of color. Think watercolors. These bright dots of color here and there adds an artistic touch to an already elegant spread.

2. Caribbean

Lovely tropical colors and vibrant greens can go a long way in giving your party a lush and paradise feel to it. Have your vendors bring in aquariums or bowls with brightly colored fish to amp up the island ambiance.

3. Garden party

Whether for your engagement or wedding party, you can have the perfect intimate and colorful garden celebration in the comfort of your own backyard. Engage the services of professional wedding party rentals to ensure your vision is transformed into reality!

4. Alice in Wonderland

On your special day, you can have your own Mad Tea Party just like in the story books. Set up a table filled with merry colors and crazy dishes, cups, plates, and any other item to achieve a fanciful and memorable wonderland for that day.

5. Forest theme

If fairy tales were more your style, then imagine colorful blooms and the surrounding nature giving life to a magical, enchanting engagement party.

A formal event

6. Vintage

Traditional does not mean it has to be boring or outdated. A vintage theme is a classic option that will never go out of style. Picture the 20’s Gatsby or even a 50’s garden party with bright neon colors paired with black and white so popular from that era. Blue and white is another color combo that speaks stunning, formal and elegant.

7. Glitz

One way to make a party sizzle is sparkle. From wine to lights and custom jewelry. You can even ask a baker to make a mock engagement ring cake to top it all off! It is glitz you want, so nothing is too extra at this point.

8. All white

Going pure white is one classic way to go about it. Tables, linen, chairs, floral arrangements, snowball cookies and fluffy marshmallows all in white. What an elegant memorable sight to behold.

9. Hollywood glam

The golden age of Hollywood evokes a visual and classical vibe usually represented by aristocratic antique tableware featured in gold, black and white tablescapes. Channel inspiration from Mad Men and opt for a luxurious martini brunch or a decadent cocktail hours party with a cigar bar.

10. Tea party

Have a lavish afternoon tea party by serving guests with an elaborate assortment of beautiful cakes, bread, muffins, scones and strawberry jam set in tables filled with lovely bouquets.

Fun and whimsical

10. Outdoor bonfire

Looking for something out-of-the-box? Try having a bonfire for a safari or glamping themed party. And no campfire would be complete without smores. Serve them to guests along with some hot cocoa to create a warm and cozy ambiance. You can also have a nice tent set-up where guests can lounge to complete the outdoor event.

11. Poolside

If you are a water lover then this option might be for you. Aside from sea themed desserts, setting up a crawfish boil could definitely liven up this engagement party!

12. Poker’s night

There is no doubt this will be a great hit with your guests. You can combine this with a masquerade ball theme and have your guests wear masks, costumes too if you like for a night of poker, music and some excitement.

13. New Year’s Eve

Start your year with a bang and celebrate your engagement on New Year’s Eve! It actually is a romantic yet practical idea. You’ll be serving champagne or cocktails anyway so might as well have your engagement on the same day. Wouldn’t it be nice to usher in the new year with your family and loved ones with you on your special day?

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