All About Statement Rings

All About Statement Rings

All About Statement Rings

They’re gorgeous, even spectacular and often include a 3-5 karat gemstone. Visually powerful, these jumbo accessories of fashion can make or break the look you’re trying to create.

Brief History of Statement Rings

In years past, kings and queens often wore bold bejeweled rings. Many believed the large gemstone offered help in making the wisest decisions. Subjects were expected to kneel down in front of the king and kiss the ring to show respect, admiration, and loyalty.

In 1840 Queen Victoria wore her treasured snake ring set off with an extra large emerald. Famous actress in the 40s, Olivia de Havilland often sported her many dazzling statement rings which demonstrated her upward mobility and her status as Hollywood royalty – as did the other film sirens.  And so the trend continued.

The Statement Ring Lives On

Today, as far as statement ring trends go – the bigger the better. They add drama to an otherwise plain ensemble. They are typically made from white gold, yellow gold or silver and the settings are often artistically designed, which makes them a standout.

Lisa Krikawa, award-winning jewelry designer, states, “If you’re not ready to flaunt it, don’t wear it. Statement rings are a wonderful way to express yourself creatively. It’s best to have one custom-made or find an off-the-shelf ring that resonates with your personality. It won’t have the same glam effect if you buy one without thinking about those aspects.”

Statement Ring Guidelines
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5 Statement Ring Guidelines

  1. Even though statement rings are intended to stand out, don’t purchase one so large that it is overpowering. It looks like you are trying too hard, which is not fashion-forward.
  2. Keep your statement rings sparkling! Have your local jeweler clean them periodically and avoid wearing them to the local grocery store or while errands. Again – trying too hard to look too rich, it is out of place.
  3. If you’re only going to wear it once in a great while, consider buying costume jewelry – rather than a fine ring. Statement rings that are made with precious metals and gemstones can run around $800 and so much more.
  4. If you plan to stack rings alongside a statement ring, create balance with multiple thin bands that focus the spotlight.
  5. If you have a tiny to small body frame, your hands are probably also small and delicate. Take advantage of your size and adorn your hands with small-to-medium statement rings.

Statement rings are here to stay, but as with all fashion – wear them with style.

By Sandra Faleris, Marketing professional and writer

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