5 Blunders to Avoid When You're Investing In Swarovski Crystals Wholesale

5 Blunders to Avoid When You’re Investing In Swarovski Crystals Wholesale

5 Blunders to Avoid When You’re Investing In Swarovski Crystals Wholesale

Swarovski crystals are luxury items that have extremely high demand in the global market. Their designs are one of a kind which is why there are many imitators who try to recreate the unique design but do not succeed. Swarovski crystals have some subtle identifying markers that make them stand out from other products. If you are planning to invest in Swarovski crystals wholesale, then there are a few points that you should pay attention to in order to not be cheated with the wrong products. Here in this article, we will discuss the points to get the right Swarovski crystals.

Investing In Swarovski Crystals Wholesale

1.      Brand Logo

The most basic sign that you should check for when you invest in Swarovski crystals wholesale is their classic brand logo of a swan etched with a laser on all their products since 1989. Earlier, they used to have small logos but now they are much more noticeable. This is the primary identification of an authentic product. However, even a logo can be copied so look for the following markers, as well.

2.      Cutting Technology

Swarovski has a high-end technology that they use to cut the crystals. It is extremely precise, clear, and high quality. Due to this technology, all the facet junctures are designed in such a way that they collectively come at one exact point, which is like the facet of a diamond. When it is an imitation, these junctures will not be alike and will not have the perfect finish expected from a Swarovski crystal. Therefore, when you are planning to invest in Swarovski crystals wholesale, pay attention to this design detail to avoid buying fake products.

3.      Imperfections

Imitation products will almost always have slight imperfections like bubbles which will easily help you to identify that it is a fake one and not the original one. Original Swarovski crystals will never have such imperfections, as their quality is so luxurious that they will stand out from other crystals. Imitation crystals will always be of low quality in comparison. Look out for these imperfections when you are buying Swarovski crystals wholesale.

4.      Uniformity

Although there might be different designs available by Swarovski, the products are much similar. All Swarovski crystals have an identical height, width, slope, etc. and these features are due to the high-class cutting technology used by Swarovski. Therefore, although they might have different shapes, the uniformity in their dimensions makes them unique. The cutting technology is extremely complex, as it calculates the angle of light reflected. Thus, these crystals have a special shine that imitation crystals can never duplicate. These are some of the important markers to look out for if you are investing in Swarovski crystals wholesale.

5.      Material

Apart from all the points already stated, the most obvious factor in identifying Swarovski crystals is the fact that the glass itself is made differently than the usual glass found in crystals. It has a special compound and texture. Thus, it is extremely different from anything available in the market. The whole packaging of Swarovski crystals is unique and one of a kind and gives it the luxurious touch that people expect from Swarovski.

These are the five most important facts that you must keep in mind to not invest in the wrong products and end up making a big blunder. Although these are minute details to consider, a thorough inspection before buying such expensive items is always recommended to all. No matter what, you need to carefully inspect everything before investing in the right Swarovski crystals wholesale.

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