5 Strategies for Launching Your Jewelry Business Online

5 Strategies for Launching Your Jewelry Business Online

5 Strategies for Launching Your Jewelry Business Online

When starting an online jewelry business, there are too many variables that can easily overwhelm you. There may be fear and anxiety about finances, technology, marketing, e-commerce business logistics and more.

In addition, you have to think about how you will source or create your jewelry pieces, how people will find you online and how you’ll convince website visitors to make a purchase.

In this article, I’ll share with you 5 strategies for launching your jewelry business online.

Opt for ready-to-use website solutions
  1. Opt for ready-to-use website solutions

These days it’s easier than ever to get a website up and running in less than an hour without having to hire a website developer. There are companies such as Squarespace, Wix or Shopify, where by paying a modest one-time or monthly fee, you can set-up your jewelry website in no time. The ready-to-use website solutions come with beautiful templates that you can customize to match your brand.

According to Tim Ferriss, New York Times bestselling author, the best way to get around anything difficult is to ask yourself, “What would this look like if it were easy?”.

Don’t let technical issues be a barrier. Instead, just get started with ready e-commerce solutions. You can always make updates to your website as your business grows.

Outsource tasks that are not your core strengths
  1. Outsource tasks that are not your core strengths

If your passion and strength is in making jewelry, you’ll be better off if you invested money in outsourcing other business tasks such as bookkeeping, graphics design, legal to industry professionals.

Similar to ready-to-use website solutions, bookkeeping can be handled by companies like Freshbooks, graphics design can be done with the help of companies like 99Designs or Canva and legal tasks can be outsourced to LegalZoom.

You can also hire freelancers from websites like Upwork or Fiverr to help you with one-off tasks.

  1. Define what success looks like for you

Before you do start an online business, take  a piece of paper and write down what success looks like for you. Success is a relative term and it means different things for different people.

For instance, if your goal is to make $X in profit, every month, write that down. Then every week, you want to track your progress towards this goal. If you’re not hitting your goal, it’s an indication of something needs to change in your online business strategy in order for you to hit your goal.

  1. Spread word about your jewelry making art

Spreading word about your jewelry making art is basically marketing. Marketing isn’t a dirty word. In fact as a jewelry artist, it is your responsibility to market your jewelry pieces. If people don’t know about your art, how are they going to buy it?

During the early stages of your business, I strongly recommend that fully own marketing efforts for your online business. Then as you start making money, you can outsource tasks that you don’t enjoy doing.

There are many channels to market your business. You can create blogs, record videos about your jewelry, or share relevant content on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The key thing here is to be consistent. Pick one channel, get consistent with it first before you decide to promote on other channels. You may also want to test multiple channels at first to test where you’re getting the most exposure to your audience. Once you figure this out, double down on your efforts.

Don't lose sight of the human connection
  1. Don’t lose sight of the human connection

When someone visits your website, treat them as if they are visiting your physical store or booth. The human connection is one of the most essential piece in online business. Make your website visitors feel welcome and write your website copy that speaks to them in a human voice. Show that you care.

People buying jewelry expect a “feel good” experience. If your messaging is too rigid, they will likely not buy from you and go somewhere else.

Next you want to have a clear message on your website on what value your jewelry can to people’s lives.

Don’t confuse visitors with mixed messages about your product or overwhelm with too many words that don’t matter. According to Donald Miller, the author of Story Brand, your message should target your audience’s external needs (I want to buy jewelry), internal needs (this jewelry will make me look good on my next date night) and philosophical needs (I want to buy jewelry that is handmade by artisans and helps support their livelihood).

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I hope this article helps you launch your online jewelry business. The strategies described here will help you form a strong foundation for your business. Remember, if things don’t work out as expected, you always have an option to pivot. But you have to give your 100% before you jump ship to something new.

Author Bio: Jinal Sampat
Jinal is part of the Sampat Jewellers Inc. team that specializes in handmade diamond mangalsutra pieces for the modern Indian bride. Her focus is on innovation and creation of jewelry pieces that are meaningful and hold long term value. You can find her on Instagram.

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