6 Ideas To Plan The Perfect Proposal For Your Lady Love

6 Ideas To Plan The Perfect Proposal For Your Lady Love

6 Ideas To Plan The Perfect Proposal For Your Lady Love

Are you planning on surprising your lady love with an engagement ring soon? 

Have you prepared a romantic proposal for her? Are you ready to sweep her off her feet this weekend? If you want to plan the perfect proposal for her, then read ahead to know the right way to do it.

You need to make sure that when you pop out the question, she is already in tears; ready to say yes, even before your question is completed. To accomplish this, you need to put in extra efforts in planning and execution. Keep in mind that you just want to make her happy and be as romantic as she desires you to be!
Express Your Love
Express Your Love
The following are some crucial ideas that can guide you in the right direction to create the most beautiful moment with the love of your life:
1. List Them Down
The first step in the planning process is to make sure that you do it at her dream venue. Casually ask her about places where she’d like to visit or things she’d want to do. It may be the countryside or some adventure activity. List these places & activities down and choose the one which you find the best.
2. Book Now
Once the venue is decided, book the tickets immediately. That’s not all! You need to book a luxurious hotel or a comfortable cabin where you two can spend the weekend happily. Book all the activities beforehand as well, to avoid last-minute issues.
3. Lies Are Good
This may come as a shock to you that surprises are good and to surprise your lady love; you need to be efficient in lying to her. Lie about everything related to your proposal plan. She might ask you about your whereabouts while you are out to buy a fancy diamond engagement ring for her or about your weekend plans. You need to be prepared with convincing lies to make sure she does not get suspicious.
4. Do The Opposite
To get her off your trail, do the opposite things, like act careless or make mistakes in other aspects related to her. This will irritate her and make her angry; preventing her to expect something romantic and amazing from you. Some ideas are as follows:
● Make dinner plans and then forget it
● Eat out without her
● Don’t share feelings often
● Ignore her calls and texts
This will make her furious and guide her to the opposite path; giving you the opportunity to plan something adorable.
5. Make Excuses
To make the execution successful, you need to make some convincing excuses. You might have to take an off from your office or talk to her boss regarding the same for her if you don’t want to cancel the bookings unnecessarily. Make sure your excuses are convincing so that the plan remains unchanged whatsoever.
6. Pop Up The Question
The day is here! Offer her breakfast-in-bed to start her day with a smile. Serve the dessert with flight tickets. She’ll be out of her mind, right? As you two reach to her dream place, take her to the luxurious hotel that you have already booked, and on the way, tell her how special she is to you. Don’t end the trail of surprises yet!
Plan The Perfect Proposal For Your Lady Love
Present her with a beautiful dinner dress for the night. Take her out to an excellent place. Don’t forget to keep the ring with you! Gift her flowers on the way. Let her choose the food, and then take her to a romantic spot. Ask her to look up at the pretty, shining stars, and when she does that, go on your knees and pop up the magical question!
Congratulations to you both!

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