5 Stunning Styles of Nose pin Designs for Stylish Women

5 Stunning Styles of Nose pin Designs for Stylish Women

5 Stunning Styles of Nose pin Designs for Stylish Women

When you hear of nose pins or nose rings, you may be reminded of traditional Indian jewelry. We have seen many Indian brides wearing gorgeous nose pins that match their bridal dress and the occasion. Many a times we see fashion models also wearing nose pins on a fashion show especially when showcasing Indian attire.

While such ideas may make you feel that nose pins only suit occasions such as weddings, functions or traditional events, it is not entirely true. Nose pins are a fashion accessory that can be worn by women in all occasions including casual occasions. 

Nose pin Designs for Stylish Women

Gone are the days when nose pins mean large elaborate bridal nose ring designs that suit only bridal wear.

Nowadays you can find latest nose pin designs in a variety of patterns that can suit everyday life as well as special occasions.  Read on to find 5 stunning styles of nose pin designs that are suitable for stylish women for any occasion.

Simple & Dainty Studs

Simple Dainty Studs

A gold stud nose pin is an ideal design for most women who want a stylish yet simple look. A gold stud is perfect for those who have a small face or a small nose. You can try a tiny gold stud or small gold drops or a gold crystal ball to highlight you pretty small face. A diamond stud is a classic design that will suit any nose shape, occasion and age.

Half Hoops

Half hooped nose pin is the ideal nose pin design for a round face. The nose pin features a half circle and an arch shape that will make your round face to look slim as the vertical design will balance the look of your face. Half hooped nose pin also will highlight your makeup in an elegant way. Add a trinket to the nose pin to make a traditional style statement.

Segment Rings

Segment Rings

A segment ring is a beautiful and comfortable nose pin design. It is especially suitable for you if you possess high cheekbones. The segment nose pin is the latest nose pin design that is in trend now. Set in gold, this nose pin is ideal for an elegant and gorgeous look.

Flower Studs or Rounded Studs

A rounded stud nose pin is the best nose pin design for those with big noses and stronger cheekbones. The round nose pin will take attention off the edges to highlight a style statement. It can enhance your glamour quotient when embedded with stones set in gold. If you prefer a non-traditional look, then for classy stone studs set in offbeat shapes or patterns such as a flower or a leaf.

Full Hoops

If you have a sharp and pointed nose, then a full hooped nose pin is the best design for you. You can either opt for a large hoop or a medium hoop based on your preference. This pattern of gold nose pin set in pearls, beads, kundan stones or precious stones will be a notch above the rest.

The latest nose pin designs are in trend and whatever design you choose will make you look glamorous and stylish. Nose pin highlight an Indian yet fashionable look.

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