The most fashionable engagement ring trends of today

The most fashionable engagement ring trends of today

The engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things about the start of the journey a couple take towards their marriage. From the moment the question is asked, everyone wants to see the ring. Not only is the ring a symbol of the commitment and love for one another, but it is a piece of jewellery that will be worn every day for the rest of their lives together. It is unsurprising then that engagement ring trends have changed drastically over the ages as women try to make a fashion statement.

The classic single solitaire will forever be a timeless style, of which was usually set on a yellow gold band in the 1910’s but has been modernised over the decades to be seen in white gold and rose gold in more recent years.

Edwardian styles were especially popular in the 20’s, and art deco designs were the norm in the glamorous 30’s. It was in the 40’s that the white gold band became the standard and vintage Edwardian styles also made a comeback.

In the 60’s, platinum bands were all the rage, and baguette designs surrounding round-cut diamonds were common in the 80’s. Nowadays, halo settings are in demand. However, there are many fashionable styles today as people try to start new trends and make a statement with their romantic bling.

The most fashionable engagement ring trends of today – Halo Settings


First worn in the Georgian era, halo settings have been the most fashionable style so far in 2017, with circles of beautiful stones surrounding the core gem. This not only makes the diamond look bigger but is versatile enough to be created in vintage to super modern designs.


Those not opting for the halo setting still appear to be going for as many jewels as possible, with clusters of gems surrounding their diamonds in twos and threes.


And for those who desire multiple diamonds, but prefer a more delicate style, are opting for pavé split shank bands where two diamond encrusted bands intertwine, and the central diamond is the focal point. An alternative take on this is to have double bands, where they do not cross over.


Edwardian style rings are yet again making a comeback, known for their feminine and intricate designs. Usually made with platinum bands, the gemstones are usually coloured and numerous. Vintage and custom made Edwardian rings are on trend right now.

Edwardian styles are not the only rings to inspire future designs.
The most fashionable engagement ring trends of today – Edwardian Style


Edwardian styles are not the only rings to inspire future designs. Art deco inspired styles are still presented to unsuspecting women around the world in 2017, and Victorian styles will forever be timeless, with bold, colourful gemstones shaped in intricate floral accents. People are also recreating their own vintage inspired engagement rings, with ethical diamonds.


The past two decades have seen non-traditional brides opt for a black diamond. Beyond the obvious difference to a classic engagement ring, the black diamond symbolises passion and certainty.


Diamonds of different colours were especially popular in 2016, with yellow gemstones on yellow bands and pink gemstones on white gold. Pink stones continue to be the most popular this year.


Colourful diamonds were trending in 2016, and continue to do so in 2017, but in larger numbers. Brides are opting for coloured accent gems this year, most frequently in halo settings.

The most fashionable engagement ring trends of today Rode Gold Bands


Diamonds are not the only thing brides are opting for in colour. Initially made popular in the Victorian era, rose gold, or pink gold, metals are making a comeback this year. Suiting all skin tones and complementary to all other metals and coloured stones, it is a versatile band that can be classic or modern, but always timeless.


Inspired by the Cartier Trinity ring introduced to the world in 1918, intertwined and stacked bands are popular in pairs, trios and quadruples. Originally, the Cartier Trinity ring included a yellow, pink, and white gold band, representing fidelity, love, and friendship, respectively.


The shape of the band has also been modernised with some brides opting for a square engagement ring. This ultra modern design is extremely chic and apparently more comfortable than a round ring.


Many engagement rings over recent years have emphasised the elevation of the diamond from the band by making the 3D element of the ring more prominent. Often hearts, swirls, and other shapes can be seen from a side view, giving the ring a whole new look from every angle.

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