9 Winter Jewelry Trends In 2019

9 Winter Jewelry Trends In 2019

9 Winter Jewelry Trends In 2019

Jewelry trends keep changing from season to season and to make sure you accessorize your outfits the right way, you need to be abreast of the upcoming trends. With the fall season underway and winter round the corner, you will notice that colorful and sparkly jewelry is making a comeback.

The focus is on downright-statement pieces for the winter instead of the feminine, dainty, and barely-there pieces that were in focus in the past seasons. From the larger-than-life Bogetta Veneta chain link necklaces to crystal chandelier earrings from Paco Rabonne, the emphasis has been on a full-scale jewelry look. The latest Things Remembered coupons can give you the chance to shop for the latest bracelets, necklaces, watches, and jewelry boxes at discounted prices. Here are the top 9 fashion jewelry trends that one must be aware of when deciding how to complement their attire:

Winter Jewelry Trends
9 Winter Jewelry Trends In 2019
  1. Neo-Parisian: The fashion ramps have been lately dominated by classic Parisian jewelry, characterized by cameo rings, pearls, and gold chains in layers. So, this season is no exception and one can get a feel of bold Parisian-inspired fashion jewelry. Dior is offering necklaces embellished with rhinestones while Givenchy is offering pearls to be worn asymmetrically.
  2. Pearls: These are picking up this fall and winter and this time they are updated in baroque-inspired designs and polished. The perfectly round pearls are all set to upstage freshwater pearl shapes which had been a rage during the summer months.
  3. Punk Styles: As androgynous silhouettes dominated the fashion shows with boxy designs, bold spirits were the theme. Jewelry is crucial to this bold look and no surprise then why bondage-styled chokers and piercings are popular. Designers like Alexandra Wang, Prada, and Alexander McQueen are endorsing this new spirit, and punk rock pieces including pins, chains, and crosses are the bestsellers.
  4. Statement Pinky Ring: While metal rings had been dominating the runways previously, now the focus is likely to be on a more delicate type. Models are now flaunting petite bags and statement pinky rings; so if you wish to try out this look, you need to get a bold statement ring. You can be sure that these rings will complement all kinds of outfits, and they look perfect when you hold a small clutch purse.
  5. Chandelier Earrings: These ultra-glamorous earrings are a jewelry fad that has lasted across many seasons, and they can add glamour to just about any ordinary-looking jeans and t-shirt look. While Prabal Gurung popularized the pearly hoops chain with pearl-covered tassels reaching down to the waist, Louis Vuitton promoted the mock feather ones worn on only one ear.
  6. Brooches: These unassuming pins are making a mark these days and add eccentricity to any look; you could just get one from the neighborhood flea market or borrow from your grandmother’s collection, and add a touch of quirk to an ordinary outfit.
  7. Arts and Crafts: Stella McCartney has popularized this trend of making use of arts and crafts to produce fashionable earrings. The designer used paper clip earrings with dozens of multicolored paper clips on them; these are now being used with woven materials, ribbons, beads, and other do-it-yourself pieces. Necklaces decorated with rubber bands in a variety of colors and hoop earrings having colorful yarns around them are also mention-worthy.
  8. Anklets: These were rather popular in the nineties but today they are more refined. Givenchy is responsible for making anklets popular this season and you can use these when you wear heels, loafers, and ankle-strap sandals to look trendy and cool.
  9. Ear Armor: This is one of the most striking jewelry trends for the fall and winter seasons. These refer to the ear cuffs covering most of the ear and look like glamorous armor. For instance, gold wing-shaped ones were tilted upwards and covered with a tiny cuff for wrapping it around the ears.

These are some of the leading fashion jewelry trends for the winter this year and you can enjoy significant savings on the products if you have coupons from Don’tPayAll.

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