90s mood ring – everything you need to know about it

90s mood ring – everything you need to know about it

90s mood ring – everything you need to know about it

Back in the 90s we didn’t have social media and we didn’t have that many websites to shop from. We were compelled to hit the stores to buy accessories or get our inspiration from fashion magazines and TV shows. Some trends are long forgotten; although in fashion things always come around. People today get inspired from the 20s to build a personal sense of style, or they fancy the vintage-inspired trend that now looks better than ever. Regardless of your current sense of fashion, you can always go back a few decades and “steal” some more ideas to craft a personal look that everyone will adore. In terms of rings, we’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. Which style goes best with your fashion mantra?

Mood rings

It’s been ages since we last heard of mood rings. They used to be pretty popular back in the 90s when their main purpose was to state your mood. Famous for being a “medical device”, these rings came in a wealth of colors and styles. Basically, the “science” behind the mood ring was to sublimate your body temperature and translate the way you were feeling with colors. Imagine yourself walking by or talking to someone you liked a lot; the ring would instantly change shades as your heart started racing. However, interpreting the mood ring brought quite a lot of confusion. That’s one of the main reasons this fashion trend didn’t last.

Today’s mood rings are totally different. For starters, they don’t look childish anymore. The coolest models are beautifully embellished and quite appealing. Forget all about flashy rings and welcome the urban-like band with interesting engravings and etches.

90s mood ring
90s mood ring – everything you need to know about it

Signet rings as mood rings

Signets can pose as mood rings perfectly. These fancy jewelry items look fabulous, while also giving the wearer a boost of confidence. If you’re down and you’d like to make an impression, complete your outfit with a signet ring and you’ll feel better instantly. Signets go back centuries when only kings and queens were allowed to wear them. They look bulky and they featured an imposing crest or engraving. The crest had either the shape of a powerful animal, or a personalized seal that couldn’t be replicated.

Many gentlemen wear signet rings today. The wealthiest choose to have their bands carved with a unique emblem or precious stones. Their mood exuded exuberance, luxury and high-class. But these days, women love signets too. In their case the crest is a lot more delicate and feminine. Rings with over-sized diamonds or rubies are the norm. They’re an excellent way of showcasing a confident, self-assured attitude.

Rings – a woman’s most valued item of jewelry

Women love rings of all kinds. They have a particular interest for engagement and wedding rings because of their intrinsic value, but they’re also into fashion bands. Diamond bands, signets and solitaires are highly preferred. The variety available in today’s marketplace is extremely varied. Most women choose to wear rings that match with their sense of style. Vintage-inspired bands for example, go really well on women who are fond of the boho chic fashion trend. Classic rings however with interesting shapes and unusual designs look fabulous of women with an original, out-of-the-ordinary sense of style.

engagement and wedding rings
Signet rings as 90s mood rings

When it comes to fashion, women are at liberty to make their own choices. It’s all about personal preferences. Signet rings, solitaires and mood rings are all in the same category. Make your pick and emphasize your own fashion mantra. It’s vital to be original in fashion if you want to make an impression; you just have to dare to be different.

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