Great Gifts For Teenage Girls

Great Gifts For Teenage Girls

Great Gifts For Teenage Girls

Teenage girls are a unique species and buying them gifts can be challenging. So, here are a bunch of suggestions to put a real smile on her face!

An iTunes Gift Card

Most teenagers have smartphones these days, which means they also have access to music wherever they go. Update her music library with an iTunes Gift Card. She can use it for music, but also things like eBooks, podcasts and movies. If your teen girl doesn’t use iTunes, she probably uses Spotify. You could sign her up for a paid subscription to this instead, as the free version includes adverts.

A Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets and necklaces are pretty and delicate and very popular with teen girls. The really nice thing about them is that the charms are interchangeable. This means that they can still use the actual base piece of jewellery for years to come, even as her taste in charms changes. Also, charms come in lots of different materials, from plastic to metal right through to silver or gold. This means you can tailor your gift to the exact budget you have to work with.

Light Up Mirror

Now, we’re not saying teenage girls are vain…they are just discovering themselves! Upgrade their standard mirror with one that lights up. You can get some sets that include a light-up desk mirror and a light-up handheld mirror. Alternatively, look for one that comes with a free mini nail polish or lip gloss.

Makeup Bag

The great thing about makeup bags is that they can also function for storing other things. She can use it for her makeup, her pens or her keys and chewing gum. Get her one that she or her mother can wipe clean! They’ll get used often and dropped into the bottom of other, bigger bags. Being able to wash or clean it will give it greater longevity.

Furry Hot Water Bottle

If you’re buying for an older teen, this is an especially useful idea. One of the best cures for period pains is using a hot water bottle. If she doesn’t have one, getting her one is a great gift. Go for one that has a furry jacket, or even an animal face or design for younger teens.

Magazine Subscription

Magazines are sadly starting to die out. However, if the teen girl you’re buying for still love the look and feel of physical magazines, get her a subscription. Cosmopolitan is popular with older teens. You can get the print and digital edition, just the print edition or just the digital edition. Or, get a themed magazine that caters to one of her main interests, like Pony magazine.

Personalised Stationery

Pretty much all teenage girls spend their days at school. Keep this in mind when you are finding a good gift for her. If you want to get her something she can use often, consider stationery. Personalising it gives it a nice extra touch. Plus, the risk of it getting lost is reduced! Consider large, colourful folders, or a pencil case. Paperclips in the shape of her first initial are a sweet idea also.

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