The Benefits Of Choosing A Halo Engagement Ring

The Benefits Of Choosing A Halo Engagement Ring

The Benefits Of Choosing A Halo Engagement Ring


There has been a huge surge in popularity when it comes to halo engagement rings.


The popularity has seen the halo engagement ring almost become a substitute for the traditional, yet classic solitaire ring.

Halo rings have some different compared to other traditional rings, as they completely customisable, making your ring suited to you. 
Halo Rings, Really? 
Halo ring offers a centre stone, with diamonds embedded around the outline, with much smaller pavé stones. These stones are all part of the beauty, as the bordered stones all help capture the attention and beauty of such a dazzling and luxury diamond ring. Halo rings are also a cheaper alternative to those who crave a huge diamond, but don’t want to fork out with some unnecessary expenses. 

Where Does The Halo Ring Come From? 
Some say that the first halo engagement ring appeared back in the 1920’s, when diamonds were becoming increasingly influential in fashion. It has only ever moved from strength to strength, with the halo engagement ring move behind the traditional solitaire ring, in terms of popularity. The meteoric rise of the style has been nothing short of spectacular, but it is a truly beautiful style. 

How Can I Customise It? 
Halo rings are extremely popular, because they are customisable and hugely versatile. Personalising the ring for you adds an appeal that is unmatched by other styles of engagement rings
Taking time to consider can help with the appeal and beauty of a diamond ring. Whether you are choosing yellow gold, rose gold or platinum to coincide with your loose diamond, it all makes a difference. It is purely down to preference, or how well you know your partner. Experiment and see exactly what you feel will look good with the centred diamond. 
Halo diamonds can seem as though it is larger than it really is with the embedded diamonds alongside the outline. However, this is purely optional, you do have the choice to double, or triple up the halo making it look and feel larger. Every halo that is added will help make the diamond look larger. 
Diamond cut is hugely important and can make your ring feel incredible desirable. The most popular is brilliant round with a princess cut, however halo rings look good in all shapes and sizes. 

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