Useful tips on how to match jewelry accessories with clothing

Useful tips on how to match jewelry accessories with clothing

Useful tips on how to match jewelry accessories with clothing

Jewelry is a great accessory and a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

The right kind of jewelry can transform your outfit from a simple dress into a glamorous outfit. It is therefore important that you choose the right kind of jewelry at all times so that you bring out the best in your clothing. Wearing the wrong jewelry can actually tone down a beautiful outfit and rob it of some of its glory, so be careful to choose wisely when matching your jewelry.

There are numerous types of jewelry available on the market and the following guidelines will help you make the correct selection each time:

·         Do not overdo it.

 Try not to wear big, extravagant jewelry with very colorful and decorated clothing. This will look confusing. The idea of jewelry is for it to stand out and be noticed as a complement to your outfit. So if you want to wear loud and colorful jewelry, then you will need to match it with a simple outfit.

However, if you have a very fancy colorful outfit, then it will be wise to wear simple but classy jewelry to complement it. Be careful also not to wear too many necklaces and bracelets at the same time because this will look clumsy and overdone. If you have to wear necklaces, try not to add much more jewelry because they tend to be quite distinct on their own.

·         Be careful with hand jewelry.

There a several different types of rings available to beautify your hands and also complement your outfit. Big, bold rings may be suitable if you want to show off your hands and probably make a statement that there is a match between your rings and your outfit.

However, you also need to remember to take good care of your nails since the rings will make them noticeable. Be careful to have your nails done because a big ring will look misplaced on hands which have unkempt nails.

·         Match earrings carefully.

Earrings will match and complement an outfit beautifully if they are the right color and design. Earrings that are a neutral color like silver or gold tend to be great for most official outfits or in cases where you have a formal event.

However, big, colorful earrings tend to be ideal for casual and outdoor events where you are more casually dressed. Your hairstyle also needs to complement your earrings. If you are wearing big earrings, have your hair styled simply, straight or back, not too big, so that the earrings look well fitted. On the other hand, you can have smaller earrings if you have a loud elaborate hairstyle. This will keep you looking classy and the earrings will serve the purpose of adding a touch of style to your outfit.

·         Choose your jewelry in line with your outfit.

Gorgeous jewelry such as pearls and other precious gems should be worn with dazzling evening wear. It would be totally out of place to wear such expensive jewelry to a normal function or with a casual outfit. Alternatively, you can wear more colorful and creative jewelry with a simpler less formal outfit.

Enjoy wearing your jewelry appropriately.


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