Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Things you need to know about Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Things you need to know about Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

There is something special about the sparkle of Diamonds. Whether they are colorless or colored, they are always vivacious and appealing to ones sentiments. And when it comes to showcasing your love, nothing beats the odd of winning the heart of your lover with a bespoke Yellow Diamond engagement ring!

Case in point, special occasions such as engagement (which embarks the beginning of an everlasting romantic story) certainly deserve something special. In other words, it would surely make sense to gift your lover a sparkling Yellow Diamond Engagement ring.

Further ahead in this blog, I’ll walk you through some key information about Yellow Diamonds so that it helps you with your purchase eventually.

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Yellow Diamond Ring Settings
Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow Diamond engagement rings drive a sense of curiosity and excitement in the hearts of the buyers and the wearers. Fancy jewelry designs with Yellow diamond as center of attraction is surely a treat to the eye. No wonder they are in great demand lately.

This article will give you information on Yellow Diamond Engagement rings that’ll help you take a proactive decision when purchasing or gifting one.

Growing Popularity

The popularity of Colored Diamond jewels has been staggeringly increasing since the past few decades. Colored Diamonds are now in demand not only because of their ethereal magnificence, but also for their heritage. Yellow Diamonds in particular, have been adorned by members of royal bloodline. King Bhumibol of Thailand, Queen Elizabeth I, II, the Sultan of Brunei are some names who have fancied the colorful enigma of Yellow Diamond allowed it to redefine royalty.

Growing Popularity

The growing demand for Yellow Diamond has made it a sporty choice for to-be-married women, fashion savvy millennials and also married women who like to make a bold statement in public gatherings.

Yellow Color: Extraordinaire Exemplified

Yellow Diamonds are rare to be found, but they are exported all across the globe from major supplying nations such as Africa and Brazil.

When it comes to price of Yellow Diamonds, the color is definitely a major factor.

Yellow Diamonds are also available in vivid shades of Yellow. The price of each shade varies according to a lot many factors (such as the 4 c’s, the size, shape etc.). Some shades of Yellow Diamond are costlier than colorless Diamond jewels. While some shades are cheaper than colorless Diamond jewels.

The Color Scale

If you are new to Diamond jewelry, you might not be aware of the color scale.

 The color of a Diamond is scaled from D to Z. Grades K, L, and M have a tint of Yellow color. Likewise, X-Y-Z color grades, (also known as ‘*Cape Diamonds’) set the beginning of the Yellow color scale.

The Color Scale

As per the scale, you get the following shades: 

a)    Light Yellow

b)    Yellow

c)    Intense Yellow

d)    Vivid/Deep Yellow

*There are Diamonds with a tint of Yellow inside the White color, commonly known as Cape Diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Ring Settings

There is a great difference in the way a White Diamond and a Colored Diamond are mounted. The major reason being that generally, White Diamonds are cut the same way, while the phenomena involved in cutting Colored Diamond is way different (differs for each colored Diamond). In fact, the settings to cut White Diamonds can be done for masses, but the same can’t be done for Colored Diamonds. Here’s why.

Yellow Diamond Ring Settings

Preparation of a Yellow Diamond begins with a modified cut. The cut is majorly asymmetric, rather elongated with faceted arrangements. After this, the color is enhanced. Since the true beauty of colored Diamonds lies in the color of the gem, what comes next is how well the color is enhanced (ensuring the gem appears as brilliant as possible).

To augment the color, the Diamonds are placed in a special cup. Each colored Diamond will have a cup with the same color. Hence, in case of a Yellow Diamond, it is placed within a Yellow cup.

When you visit a good jeweler, he will show you how they customize your choice of Diamond as per your desire. They make the best use of technology to give you a hint of what the process of customization would appear like and what the end result would be. Not to mention, the complete process of jewelry design and customization involves a lot of skilled labor. Thus, the process involves a lot of planning. Make sure the jeweler who will design the jewel for you has decent experience in setting stones and is capable of truly magnifying the color of the Diamond involved.

Yellow Diamond

Now that you possess adequate knowledge of Yellow Diamond, make sure you take the right steps to make a good purchase. Visit the best jewelers in your locale to see some good extraordinary designs and do not hassle. After all, it will be a heavy investment, something you will cherish all your life. So make sure to do quality research prior to visiting a showroom.

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