All in one guide to find a perfect ring for your engagement

All in one guide to find a perfect ring for your engagement

All in one guide to find a perfect ring for your engagement

Buying an engagement ring can prove to be a tricky job. The whole task of choosing the right design for your loved one can add a lot of pressure. The engagement ring acts as a symbol of love and is the first step toward taking the relationship to the next level. Therefore, it is of pivotal importance that you select the best ring for your significant other that will mark the beginning of a strong bond together.

Below mentioned points will act as a definitive guide for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Establish a Budget

Before even stepping into a jewelry store, you should establish your budget. This will enable you to center your choice of ring around it and view all the options that fall under the budget range. There is no point in spending way too much on a single ring and ending up in debt. It is always recommended to buy a nice ring that falls within your budget and invest the rest of your money in something else.

Figure Out the Exact Ring Size

You might have chosen one of the most attractive rings that are present out there. But what’s the use if the ring doesn’t fit perfectly in your fiancée’s finger? The whole situation would turn out to be a terrible and awkward one. In order to avoid such a situation, it is important that you figure out a way to know the actual size of her finger. This can be quite tough if you want to her a surprise.

Research About Her Preferences and Style

As buying an engagement ring is a one-time process, you should must all your efforts into doing proper research about her unique style and preferences. Most of the women have an affinity towards a particular stone. It is not necessary that she likes diamonds, it can be some other stone also. If your fiancée is an outgoing person and loves to show off, then choosing a ring that is sparkly and big will be right choice.

Choose the Right Metal For the Band

The metal that you choose for the ring also plays a major role in giving an overall look to it. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum are some of the commonly used metals for engagement rings. Every metal has its own characteristics and can be chosen on the basis of your budget and individual preferences. Out of all the metals used for a ring’s band, platinum is one of the most durable one.

Select the Right Setting

A ring’s setting means the placement of the diamond on the ring. However, there are combinations of different settings that can be used on a ring. Again any of the settings which choose must be on the basis of the preference of your loved one. A few of the common settings include Tiffany setting, Eternity band, Bezel setting, Channel setting, and pavé.

In The End

I hope that all the points which are mentioned in this article will act as a guide for you while buying an engagement for your loved one. Buying an engagement ring is going to be one of the important events in your life. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you make the decision right.

Author Bio – Evie Jones is a jewelry designer associated with a Melbourne-based Diamond Company, an online store that offers a vast collection of radiant-cut diamond engagement rings .  Evie works with an experienced team of diamond experts. In mean time, Evie loves to explore and share the latest ring trends with others.

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