Timeless x Label Noir: The Beauty of Detail

Timeless x Label Noir: The Beauty of Detail

Timeless x Label Noir. A rare watch (20 units), a fusion of a retro-futuristic style dressed in chiaroscuro, black and gold

Like the encounter of a steam-powered machine and a clever contraption in Batman’s lair. The result of a collaboration at the human level between a customization maverick — Emmanuel Curti of Label Noir — and an upand-coming brand, freshly nominated in the GPHG Challenge category — Timeless, created by Maël Oberkampf.

Source: Label Noir SA

Timeless, a young Swiss watch brand born amidst the challenges of 2019, has teamed up with Label Noir for an exclusive horological creation. This collaboration brings a refreshing blend of
contemporary design and craftsmanship to the world of timepieces.

The watch features a black microblasted case, black dial, black hands, and a date window elegantly framed in black. Its black Cordura strap is adorned with subtle golden accents, including a guilloché dial, central minute bridge, and four decorative stitches on the strap. These touches of Label Noir on a Timeless watch create a distinctive and refined look.

The story of Timeless x Label Noir began with a chance encounter at the Time to Watches exhibition in Geneva. Maël Oberkampf, the founder of Timeless, wore his latest creation, the 003, which is an evolution of Timeless’ first reference, now enhanced with several improvements. The ethos behind their collaboration was clear: no homage watches, and a commitment to staying true to their unique vision, regardless of industry trends. Label Noir shared this dedication to contemporary watch customization.

Their initial meeting evolved into a discussion, and soon after, a determination to collaborate emerged. The two partners decided to create a limited edition of 20 timepieces. The creative process unfolded rapidly. Maël Oberkampf, a trained graphic artist, excelled in the art of photorealistic 3D rendering. The creative exchange between the two artists led to numerous proposals, iterations, and variations.

Emmanuel Curti, the founder of Label Noir, sought to capture the essence of the watch and infuse it with a modern touch. His design is a unique blend of retro-futurism, reminiscent of a steam-powered machine combined with contemporary finishing.

The watch’s photography was reimagined, featuring a noir and gold chiaroscuro reminiscent of Batman’s cave. Label Noir’s signature play with textures and dynamic contrasts, combining brilliance with matte, dark with light, was evident throughout.

Maël Oberkampf had unwavering confidence in Label Noir’s bold finishing touches, and the collaboration soon solidified into a limited edition of watches.

While the collaboration was underway, Timeless was still a relatively unknown brand. However, the winds of fortune shifted. Timeless found itself among the brands selected for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in the “Challenge” category. This recognition brought increased visibility, sales, and acclaim. The demand for the 003 watch escalated rapidly, prompting Timeless to produce 400 units in ten different variations.

Timeless x Label Noir
Timeless x Label Noir

For Maël Oberkampf, the collaboration with Label Noir was more than just a partnership; it was a moment of acknowledgment, a nod to their shared dedication to horological craftsmanship.

Timeless, like many personal projects, began as an idea, evolved into a passion, and became a necessity. Maël Oberkampf, coming from a family of architects, embarked on a journey that led him to graphic design and a fascination with 3D imagery. He began working independently at the age of 23, catering to clients in architecture while creating his own designs, including cars, airplanes, yachts, and watches. His foray into watchmaking led to 3D illustrations for renowned brands like Richard Mille, Ladoire, and Preciuzo.

The desire to transition from design to production became increasingly compelling, leading to the birth of Timeless at the end of 2019. The brand’s inaugural watches were soon introduced with assembly and service provided by STC in Glovelier, Jura. The second creation, the 003, was unveiled in March of this year, with the support of the GPHG and Label Noir. The journey continues with plans for a moon phase and a chronograph, scheduled for release no earlier than 2025.

Limited edition of 20 pieces

Recommended retail price : CHF 2’450.—

The Beauty of Detail
Base :FC-Timeless HMS 003
Caliber :Swiss made STP 1-11, power reserve of 44 hours
Specifications :Hour, minute, second, small date
Material :Sandblasted stainless steel with black PVD coating
Water resistant :50m
Size :41.5mm
Bezel :Bezel with black PVD coating
Dial :Guilloché finish. Visible decorative hour wheel.
Hands :Black treated hands

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