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Viktor Moiseikin presents a new art project

Viktor Moiseikin presents a new art project

On December 15th, the Russian Embassy in Thailand will host an exhibition of contemporary jewelry art “Inspired by Russia”, where unique works created by Viktor Moiseikin, an artist, jeweler and inventor from Yekaterinburg, will be presented. The event is organized by the Russian Embassy in Thailand.

Guests of the exposition will have a chance to enjoy a display of objet d’art made of sparkling gemstones; an exhibition of stone-cutting miniatures and compositions from Ural gems and an immersive presentation of jewelry made by using the innovative “Waltzing Brilliance” technique

From Craftsmanship to Art

All of the Viktor Moiseikin’s works reflect his ideas about how modern luxury items should look like. One of his main concepts is the beauty of functionality. Viktor Moiseikin enjoys exploring natural forms, and there are many images of Slavic mythology and philosophical symbols in his collections.

“The design should be clear. Our “Lotus” collection made of green jade was highly appreciated in the Asian market, although initially it was inspired by lotus flowers growing in abundance in the tributaries of the Volga. I try to tell the stories that the soul responds to – this is the only way to create art works,”- says Viktor Moiseikin.

Pieces of jewelry and miniatures in the form of flowers, stone-cutting compositions in the form of animals are distinguished by carefully cut details, brightness of the color palette, and high level of mastery. The jeweler uses only natural materials in his works such as famous Ural gems, emeralds, demantoids, diamonds, etc.

The exhibition will feature:

  • “Bird of Happiness”, a technological composition, objet d’art and cultural heritage of Russia;
  • A necklace from the “The Russian Emerald” collection with a large emerald of exceptional characteristics weighing 25.4 carats;
  • “Lotus” tea set made of jade;
  • “Precious bouquet”, a stone-cutting miniature with removable brooches in the form of a flower and a dazzling hummingbird bejeweled with pale green Russian demantoids;
  • The “Firebird” set, made with the help of the innovative “Waltzing Brilliance” technology. In 2017, it became the winner of the International Jewellery Design Excellence Award in Hong Kong;
  • Chess with a golden ornament reproduced from “The Apostle”, a XVI century book which began the history of printing in Russia; and many other exceptional works.

“Viktor Moiseikin is one of the most famous Russian jewelers in the world. During the exhibition, you can enjoy the beauty of diamonds, pearl and gemstones. I am convinced that the exhibition will not leave anyone indifferent, as all the works are handmade in limited edition or even in a single copy”, said Evgeny Tomikhin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Thailand, about the project.


Viktor Moiseikin presents a new art project
Viktor Moiseikin presents a new art project

About Company

MOISEIKIN, an international jewellery brand, specializes in the creation of jewellery, stone-cutting works and representative products of the premium segment. The main office and production facilities are located in Yekaterinburg; branches are located in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and other countries. Since 2002, MOISEIKIN has been the official representative of Yamamoto, the oldest supplier of cultivated akoya pearl. MOISEIKIN is distinguished by its unique style and design using Waltzing brilliance, its own patented technology for setting diamonds and gemstones. The company operates the ZLT Club, a private online platform for connoisseurs of rare gems, original jewellery, and gifts.

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